2015 Young People’s Convention

29 AUGUST 2015 - 35th Annual Young Peoples Convention
30 AUGUST 2015 - 1st Morton All-Day Singing
233 W Main Ave, Morton WA 98356 (directions)
Registion - 9am; Singing - 9:30 am; Lunch - Noon

Please join us on August 29 for the 35th annual Young People’s Singing, followed August 30 by the inaugural Morton All Day Singing. This is a singing that travels each year, and this year, the young people of the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Bellingham, Seattle, Olympia, and Portland) have the great pleasure of hosting all of you in beautiful Morton, WA.

You *do not* need to be a young person to join us – everyone is welcome, newcomers included! Morton is a small logging town nestled in a wooded, evergreen valley between Mt Rainier and Mt Saint Helens. Mt Rainier National Park and Gifford Pinchot National Forest are both conveniently within short driving distance.

We will be using the red Denson Sacred Harp book both days, and loaners will be available. This is a normal singing – registration at 9:00, singing at 9:30, and dinner on the grounds around noon. There will be a social held on Saturday night after the singing and housing is available onsite.

We invite our singing friends from near and far to join us for what is certain to be a delightful time! Morton is (roughly) equidistant from Seattle and Portland so it’s easy to fly into either city.

For people travelling to this event from far or near, we would ask and encourage you to take a minute to complete the housing & transportation form. This will ensure we can organise transportation and a place for you to sleep when you come for this fantastic weekend. Google form

For further details of this event:



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